Thursday, August 18, 2011

Zoya Order came in!

My best friend's Zoya order came in! Her polish, Celine, is not pictured because I went ahead and wrapped it up so I could send it off in 2 weeks. Didn't think to take a picture of all 3 before I wrapped it.

Since I couldn't use my Zoya promo code last week before it expired I let my best friend Chanel use it. She ordered Celine and she let me pick 2 for the freebies! Since I didn't know what to pick I just let her pick 2 from my wishlist. She picked Tess and Valerie. I've already used Valerie but because I have had to deal with my dog's flea problems that she aquired while I was away it has come off a bit. Whatever I was using starting to make the polish come off. Other than that I looovvee the way Valerie looks on me!

I still have to reswatch the Teal Toes polish from Diamond Cosmetics. I used it on my feet BUT it wasn't completely dry like I thought when I put my flats on and my left big toe is messed up. Been a little lazy with doing it over.

Right now I'm leeching off of someone's internet around here until I can convince my dad to let me get it here. Til next time ^_^

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