Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Country Flag Mani

So here is the mani that I mentioned in the previous post that I was thinking about. My right hand looks a mess but hey I tried! I used a pen top to get the middle of the South Korean flag to blend over each other, if you understand that lol Oh! Quick Question, when you girls do nail art, do you do both hands or just the hand you're taking a picture of? I ask because when I did my right hand, I thought it was dry enough to fold my clothes and the next thing I know I look down and the yellow part of the German flag had dragged down and was coming off.

I decided to pick 3 countries that I hold dear to my heart other than the US. My index is of Germany, the place where I was born and where half of my family resides. Seeing as I'm half German from my mother's side, this flag was a given. Middle finger is Japan. Japan was my first exposure to foreign culture/music. Being raised in the South, I was never exposed to anything other than rap and hip hop most of the time, which to this I do not like. It exposed me to things I would never have seen had I stayed in this little urban bubble.

It all started with Adult Swim when I was 13 years old. Staying up Saturday nights watching anime and paying attention more to the music than the actual show lol I tried learning the language but learning the characters were so flipping hard for me. Anything I have learned I've already lost. When I learned of the Earthquake that struck Japan I was heading home for Spring Break and I shed tears in the car. It's still very much a place that I want to visit in the future.
[CHG Lemon Fizz, White on White, Bermuda Breakaway, Essie Too Too Hot, Black Polish from Old Navy]

Ring finger is of South Korea. Another place I would love to live and/or visit. It is such a beautiful country despite my old teacher telling me it's not. I start Korean class in a week from the date of this post and I can't be more happier than I am. I already know how to read it but I just don't know what I'm reading means. I can say a little bit. It's going to be hard work balancing this class and German at the same time but I can do it. I'm far enough in German to not get anything mixed up grammar wise.

As I'm typing this, it's Friday afternoon and I'm done packing for the trip home tomorrow (Saturday). I won't have the internet for who knows how long since my Dad thinks it's evil... >.> but w.e I can't waste gas when I have no job by going to other people's houses to use the internet. I have an online class and I only have a 1 hour break in between classes and there is no way I will be able to do the homework for that in a timely manner. But we'll see if I get a job or even if I don't, I'll have enough refund money to get internet from our cable company. I'll be working on convincing him once school starts up.

I'll try to get a few posts in while at school or when I'm over my old teacher's house. Zoya's should be coming soon and I have to pick up my Teal Toes polishes and distribute them. So at LEAST 2 more posts will be coming.

Til then ^_^

NP: Remember by Bang Yong Gook feat. Yoseob of B2ST

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