Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Haul from this past weekend.

This past Friday I had to take my oldest nephew back to his dad's up state but we had his grandmother meet me halfway since I never went up that way alone. I'd rather be safe than sorry. Well she decided to meet us in Gulfport and lucky me we were there an hour and so before her. My nephew and I went to eat something quick at McDonald's and then headed across the street to the Outlet Mall.

I was unaware that the entire Outlet was having some sort of sale and I do believe that weekend was tax-free shopping in Mississippi. The only stores I was interested in was the Cosmetic Company and Bath & Body Works. All the above were bought from B&BW since I didn't have the money for Cosmetic Company. They didn't look like they were having any kind of sale and right now I'm not interested in foundation and all that jazz just because I want to do the research on how to choose what I need and how to keep it on since it gets PRETTYYY HOT down here.

So onto the Haul, I walked into B&BW and saw that they had a 50-75% off sale going on. I was in heaven!! I only had 20 dollars on me since that was supposed to be my gas money for taking this boy back to Mississippi. But anyway I digress! I bought a Berry Vanilla body mist for $3.12 with the original price being $12.50 and a body cream from C.O. Bigelow in lemon for .99 cents and this little jar is usually $7.50!! I couldn't resist a bargain and they smelled nice. I had my sister go back and get 3 more jars the next day since she and her husband were going to Biloxi for their 3 year Wedding Anniversary and I didn't know how long the sale would last and I was loving the cream. All together for the 2 things I bought that Friday, I spent about $4.44. I couldn't believe I FINALLY caught a sale. I rarely ever catch sales!

No polish this week :( I'm waiting until my refund comes to buy just a few things when the OPI Pink Shatter comes out. Then it's saving time = no buy until I find a job or Christmas when I can give out my wishlist to my sister again :D

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