Wednesday, August 22, 2012

2012 Summer Beauty Voxbox: UPDATED


It's here!!! My Summer Beauty Voxbox from Influenster came Friday and I'm excited to try these products.  This is my first Voxbox and I never heard of the company before until someone mentioned them in a group I'm in, so I decided to give them a try. The following products were in the box:


Shampoo/Conditioner from Clear - I've never heard of this company before.

Sally Hansen Cuticle and hand cream - I love love love this! I have never really liked a Sally Hansen product before but this cream made my hands so smooth.  The smell wasn't something I liked but that's ok.  I'm sure I'll be buying a full bottle of this when I can.

Quaker Banana Nut Bread - MUST go and get a box of these! You have no idea how good this is and how much I love these.  I'm not a breakfast person because I have such a sensitive stomach that most things I eat in the mornings make my stomach upset. BUT these didn't! That's one of the reasons I like it.  It was delicious and I love the crunch of the nuts on it.  It tasted very much like Banana and had a few pieces of real banana in it.

Hawaiian Tropic Sun Tan Lotion - I used this on my niece this summer because I rarely go out but she loves to go out and swim.  The application was great and the smell was also very nice. 

Sally Hansen Magnetic Polish - I'll have a full review of these once I get around to actually putting this on again.  I'm not a huge fan let's just say that.

An assortment of feminine products from Always - Always is my go to brand for feminine products but the things that came in the box are things I can't use.  Not a thin pad or tampon girl.


I've tried the magnetic polish and I'll be getting a review up of that in a few weeks. Everything in the box ranges from $3.30 to $10.00.

Disclaimer: I  received this Voxbox complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster

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